Your Biggest Asset Might Be Standing Right in Front of You

You can say that people in your organization are finite. Or at least the count of people is finite. You can have one marketing professional, ten sales people, and fifty software engineers. In contrast, their value is infinite. Like other intangible assets, human capital is equally important in running a business, mainly because it is the concerted efforts of your employees that make things happen. Machines don’t run by themselves. Protocols do not produce output if no one’s following them. No matter how important you deem people in your organization are, there is no denying that every company needs human resource (HR) management.

People management is a process that is synonymous with forms. From recruitment all the way to termination or resignation, there is a need to keep tabs of your people. It’s an area that requires constant attention since managing people is affected by several factors such as changing environment, social activity, employee relationship and needs, and performance. HR management gets tricky when you are running a knowledge-based company, much more so if you’re managing distributed teams.

This is where Xamun’s People app comes in. Xamun People brings HR management to the next level. It is mainly comprised of an employee resume editor, skill and roles profiler, and time off balance manager. On top of these features, it also has a People Manager section where HR professionals can set up the organization – its departments, its job positions, and time off balances.

It is critical to know what your employees are capable of – after all, that will be the basis of what your services will be, and how well they can be delivered. Knowing their skills and limitations will help the company a lot by identifying which areas their resources will excel and which points they need to improve on, mutually benefiting the client, the company, and the employees as well. Possessing this information right at your fingertips will also save time on evaluating an individual or knowing which project they will be able to fit right in.


Here’s how Xamun App can help HR in this aspect:

Clicking on the Xamun People app will show a list of employees, including freelancers that you have worked with before. To view a person’s profile, click on their name.


With the rich text editor, you can now update your employee’s resume and basic contact info. The employee resume has different sections: Basic Information, Certifications, Strengths/Skills/Specialties, Qualifications, Work History, and Education. All of these areas are editable, except for the Strengths/Skills/Specialties panel where information from the Skills panel is automatically transferred.


To save time in entering data, employees can upload their LinkedIn resumes via My Profile. HR personnel can then add more information as needed.

You can save multiple versions of your resume to track the progress of your employee. It will indicate which version are you and who edited it last.


An employee’s basic contact information is scattered throughout the app so whenever you need to contact a certain employee, clicking on the photo of the employee will open the basic info pop-up.

Skills are important part of People Management. It is the basis of an employee’s strength. To add a skill, click on the (+) Add Skill icon. You can also rate the skill depending on the employee. A list of this is shown at the left side of the People Board. In here, HR can quickly view the skills an employee possesses and which skills should they develop.

Identifying an employee’s role in the company instantaneously helps in saving time in profiling your employee’s track record. You can view their past roles and gauge their adaptability. To add a role, click on the (+) Add Role icon.

There are two user roles that can be assigned in Xamun People, HR-Profile & Skills and HR-Admin. HR-Admin is the one who can edit individual employee records. He/she can also access the People Management Board where time off types and balances, and other employee details can be edited. HR-Profile & Skills can only view individual employee records, as well as view the People Summary Report. To get one of these, the Company Admin has to grant the corresponding app access in Company Setup.

Remember that your company is only as good as the employees you keep. Therefore, making investments to take care of them will go a really long way for your business.


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