Xamun Top 10 Throwback: 2013 Edition

2013 was a busy year for the Xamun Team. We rolled out new features to improve ease of use and enhance product design.

Here’s a run-down on the things that happened this year:

1. New design of Timesheet – We redesigned the Timesheet to make time-tracking much simpler.

2. Project Reports – easily view project status and include client and team sentiments to get a better idea of how projects are going .

3. People Board – lets the HR team store and share personnel records to everyone in the company. This feature also enables the sales team to know who’s currently deployed in a project.

 4. Presence Manager – This feature lets you in on who’s online and when people last logged into Xamun. 

5. Universal Header – see this header in all pages in Xamun that serves as a navigation pane which consists of different buttons for specific purposes.

6. Community Dashboard – The new home page, the Community Dashboard lets users have a quick view of all their activity in Xamun. This is also where discussion threads are found so you can interact with your team all the time.

7. Widgets: Helpdesk & Sales – integrate Xamun into your own website using a snippet that you paste into your website’s code. This lets companies boost customer support and sales inquiries.

8. Pricing – Xamun is now FREE for THREE! This means you can test the product with two colleagues before you roll it out in the company. Once a fourth user is added, you will have to subcribe to Xamun at $12/month/user.

9. Xamun Project for iOS – manage your tasks, discuss with your team, and fill in your timesheet using your iPhone or iPad! Xamun Project for iOS free for all Xamun users. Take it with you anywhere you go and use its features as that of a desktop application.

10. Xamun Navigator – Create shortcuts and jump right into the things that matter most with the new navigator widget.

There are many smaller improvements that we’ve made in Xamun in 2013, but these are the top 10 major ones. Watch out for new feature announcements in 2014!

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