Community Discussion Board & Groups

The Community Dashboard is the section of Xamun where it is highly social and interactive. To access the community dashboard, click on the Community Dashboard button found on the View Panel.

How to Access Community Discussion Board

Upon clicking on the Community button, you will be lead to the Discussion Board page where you can find the Discussions feed.   Your Discussions feed contain comment threads from people in your team. You can track your posts, comment threads and note when the post had been made from the time stamp feature you can find below the comment. Found something amusing? Agreed on a topic? You can use the “Like” function to express just that.

How to Post in the Discussion Board Like any social networking site, the Discussion Board is basically intuitive. To post, compose your message by typing on the Post Box. The Post Box has no text limit but remember to keep it simple and short and concise. Aside from text, you can also attach photos, and video links/text links.

How to Access Groups

Xamun Groups consist of two types: My Groups and External Groups. My Groups are automatically-generated groups inside Xamun while External Groups can include people from in and out of your company.

What are My Groups  

The discussion groups in this panel can be the entire company, the projects that you are part of, and the departments that you are part of. By clicking on a group name, the discussion feed will show posts related to that group. To go back to the general Discussion Feed, just click on “Discussions”

How to Create an External Group

To create an External Group, simply click on the Quick Add (+) button in the External Groups header. Set the group’s name, a short description, search people from the entire Xamun user base, and start collaborating with the group’s members.

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