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With the various types of projects out there, Xamun Project introduces a new way of running different types of projects in one place. To kick start a project, it is important to accomplish smaller tasks to get the project on the right track. But before even beginning to start a task, we usually like to list down all the things that needed to be done to see our working timeline and predict the outcome of the project. By accomplishing smaller tasks, you can already celebrate small successes, and the more intimidating tasks are easier hurdles to get over. Ultimately, task management is at the heart of managing a project.

There are several task management tools to choose from: it can be a simple checklist or a more elaborate task board. A task board is a visual task management tool that shows tasks in columns or lanes – typically To Do, In Progress, and Done – in order to organize a project team’s work. As of date, Xamun Project has three different types of boards. Xamun Task Board is perfect for general types of projects, while Xamun Scrum Board and Xamun Kanban Board are specially designed for agile software development projects.

These three boards are designed with features that are unique to your project needs. They share similar intuitive user-interface with features like customizable task cards and task lanes. Accomplish your tasks by filling out your task card details such as sizing estimations, deadlines, task assignees, subtasks, discussion feeds, attached files, and task categories.

Three Types of Project Boards

Task Board


If you have general projects lined up, Xamun Task Board is recommended. Track the progress of your project and update the tasks assigned to your team in real time. The task cards on the board carry your task information and you can drag and drop these cards based on their progress status. You can also use the drag and drop function when assigning a task to a team mate by dragging and dropping their photos into a task card.

Kanban Board

Kanban is a specialized project management methodology so if you’re doing projects that are leaning towards this methodology, you can choose to set your Board type to Kanban. Carry out the Kanban software development process easily where you can limit work-in-progress, manage workflows, implement feedback loops, and improve team collaboration.

Scrum Board

Alternately, you can also choose the Xamun Scrum Board if you have projects that needed to be implemented on this methodology. Product owners can track, monitor, and virtually manage scrum projects together with a distributed team.

The Scrum Board also enables your team to perform release management and sprint planning, as well as conduct virtual daily standup meetings. Like the general task board, you can also size estimations, add subtasks, post on discussion feeds, attach files, and categorize tasks.


Xamun created these three board type to fit your task management needs, and we’re just getting started. They’re all available in Xamun Project, one of the six online apps in Xamun Productivity for Business accounts.

For $12/month per user, get everything you need to manage projects, people, and clients.

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