How to Use Xamun Sales

Xamun Sales is an online sales management app that closely monitors all your project deals. This way, you can efficiently manage your upcoming projects and enable your sales team to drive your company’s growth.

The Deal Board is just like your usual Task Board. It has an associates panel found at the left corner of the screen where you can choose whose board to view, and drag-and-drop sales personnel to assign a deal to them.

It also has customizable lanes that you can tailor-fit for your sales process, and a visualization of your pipeline for a quick view of your sales team’s efforts. If you want to view all the deals of your company, simply click on the All Deals button.

What is a Deal Card?

Adding a lead is easy. To create one, just follow these steps:

1. Click on the Quick Add button on the left side of the Leads column header. It will prompt you to save or cancel.

2. After saving, click on the Deal Name and it will lead you to the deal card.

The deal card contains the Deal Name, Description, Resource Allocation, Product License, a Discussion Thread, the Total Size of Project breakdown, and a Pipeline Side panel. The Total Size of a Project contains the breakdown of both resources and products. It also includes a discount field and an estimated size of your pitch.

Tip: Aside from drag-and-dropping the card to it’s lane, you can move the card through lanes by clicking on the drop down arrow beside the Estimated Close Date that you can find along the Deal Name.

You can move the cards based on their progress. Unlike other boards, the status of a deal in the Sales Board is visible to all team members. For example, when your sales manager moves the deal to the Negotiation panel, everyone in the team will be in the know of its new status.

How Do You Assign a Deal?

You can assign a deal to a salesperson inside the Deal Card. Another way of assigning a deal is by dragging a salesperson’s photo and dropping it into a Deal Card. To be on the sales team, you have to be granted access Xamun Sales during company setup.

How To Add Resources

Assign resources to your deal using the Resource Allocation Panel. These resources are from the data in your Xamun People. In here, you can fill out their rate and the length of their engagement with the project.

Win/Lost Lane

Lost lane is where you place your unsuccessful deals. Upon dragging, a lost deal comment will appear. You’ll be able to write why the deal was unsuccessful and you can also note the competitor name for future reference.

The Won lane is where you drag your successful deals. Once moved here, you wont be able to move the card around. It will give you the option to convert it to a project.

Tip: After converting the deal to a Xamun Project, it will automatically redirect you to the Project Setup where you can edit the project details.

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