Xamun Rebirth: A 2012 Features Retrospective

Xamun reemerged in 2012 as a faster, more mobile, and more robust tool in running your entire business online. After months of blood, sweat, and tears (a.k.a. development work), the Xamun Team has unveiled several features to deliver our promise of being “The one tool to manage your projects, clients, and people”.

This article will review the features that we’ve created so far.



At the heart of Xamun’s app ecosystem is Xamun Productivity. It is comprised of apps to help you in three core business functions: project management, CRM, and human resource management. Below is a run-through of all the apps in Xamun Productivity:

With Project, getting things done has never been more easy, thorough, and social. Set project and task information in great detail, assign tasks and monitor their progress in real time, and collaborate seamlessly in a single page.

Xamun Project has three project types to choose from: Task Board, Scrum Board, and Kanban Board. Task Board is made for simple projects in any field. Meanwhile, the Scrum and Kanban Board were specially made for software development teams.

As a CRM app, Client lets you create invoices, track leads & opportunities, and manage contracts and people in one place. Keeping your customers happy and your sales aplenty is now simpler.


An add-on to Client is Pipeline, a sales pipeline management app.  The Pipeline Board looks like the Task Board in Project, and it enables you to assign a lead, set various details to that lead, and monitor the progress of the lead as it goes through the sales process.

People, a Human Resource Management (HRM) solution, enables you to store and update personnel profiles, set and manage time-offs, set app access rights, and create skills profiles of each employee.

MyDay is your personal scheduler that helps in keeping track of your daily tasks. Never miss an important appointment and organize your personal/non-billable To-Dos alongside project deliverables. MyDay is now more integrated, allowing you to import entries into your Google or Windows Live calendars.

MyDay also has My Timesheet where you can update your billable and non-billable hours, which will reflect in your timesheet approver’s Timesheet app. This simple app enables users to approve timesheet entries of their teammates.

Helpdesk allows you to file support tickets, so you can take care of your clients effortlessly. Tickets automatically appear in assignees’ taskboards and you can monitor the progress in addressing issues in real time.

All these apps are integrated with each other, so you can run your business online in a coordinated manner. Click on the links to know more about each app’s features.



     Xamun Community is what keeps your virtual business social. With Groups, you can reach out to a wider professional network, spark discussions, and build thought leadership. Each project created on Xamun will automatically have a Group, so you can seamlessly collaborate with your project team.

Posting on Xamun Community is as easy as how you would do in the social networks you’re familiar with, like Facebook. You can even attach photos, links, or files to your posts, and write comments on each post.

Within Xamun Community is My Connections, where you can store all of your contacts. Contact persons coming from Xamun Client will also appear in My Connections. You can also easily import contacts from LinkedIn or Facebook.

     Xamun Marketplace is a global project exchange platform which connects virtual businesses to freelancers, their clients, and their suppliers. You can access Marketplace on the Community page, by simply clicking the tabs on top. Marketplace is being integrated with oDesk, so you can find freelance talent from anywhere in the world.



Xamun Applets

Xamun has created three applets to help you manage your team better: Time-Off Manager, Request Manager, and Ticket Manager (left-to-right in the image above). The Time-Off Manager lets you apply for time-offs, based on the kinds of time-offs you set in Xamun People. If people are reporting under you, this is also where you can approve time-off requests of your teammates.

Meanwhile, the Request Manager is where the company admin approves requests to be associated with the company, as well as requests for access rights to various Xamun Apps. The Ticket Manager shows all of the support tickets you created, and lets you change the status of each ticket as they are addressed by the assigned individuals.

Get Started Wizard and Email Support

The Get Started Wizard is a support tool that helps you easily set up your company, create a sales team, and start a project. With this tool, first-time users will have a guide in how to jump right into using Xamun for their companies.

By clicking on Email Support, you can instantly send the Xamun Team a question, report a bug, or simply say hello. This feature is integrated with Outlook.

Video Library

The Video Library aims to teach users how to work their way around Xamun. You can access the library by clicking on the video camera button found at the lower right corner of the screen.  The Video Library is also available in each app. We’re currently populating the library with more helpful videos, so if you can’t find a topic inside, you can request for one by sending an email using the Email Support feature.


Xamun in 2012 saw the development of a myriad of features, and the Xamun Team is just getting started. Check out the next article on what features are coming your way in 2013.

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