Xamun Project: The Most Robust Project Management Tool Out There

Project management is comprised of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve certain goals. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and it gets extremely challenging for distributed teams. Xamun Project was designed to help you manage your entire project in a single place – wherever you, your team or your clients are in the world.

Xamun Project is integrated with the rest of the apps in Xamun, making your project delivery as tight-knit as possible and keeping project risks to a minimal. Xamun enables you to keep everyone in the team to stay on the same page, make them aware of project responsibilities, and encourage transparency and accountability.

The following areas in project management are covered by Xamun Project:

Task Management

Xamun Project has three types of work boards for managing tasks. The Task Board for general types of projects, and the Scrum Board and Kanban Board for software development projects. Each board has specific features that will cater to different types of projects.

Project Management involves different processes that are vital in completing your business offerings. In Xamun, you don’t have to do activities on dispersed platforms because everything and more importantly, everyone will be literally on the same page, wherever and whenever you are.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking is as important as accomplishing a task. By monitoring your team’s productivity, you will be able to track the progress of the task assigned to them. Inside Xamun, the time tracking app is called the Xamun Timesheet. As a timesheet approver, you are able to approve timesheet entries or remind employees with unfiled timesheets with a simple messaging feature that can be accessed anywhere as long as you are connected to the web.

Issue and Bug Management

Working to improve tasks for a better project results is also part of project management. The Xamun Helpdesk enables you to quickly address issues or bugs like what your support system does. The catch is that you don’t have to exit your app then log in to another app for this to function. It also appears similarly like your Project Board making it easier to familiarize with.

Social Collaboration

Businesses are quickly becoming social, be it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, having an online presence is considered an edge. With Xamun, you can turn your business social by using Xamun Community and Xamun Marketplace. Limitlessly discuss your projects, post links, and attach files as easy as using Facebook or Twitter. Xamun will automatically create your groups when you post a project. All team members in that project will be able to throw ideas, post files, and update project status.

Daily Status Monitoring


On your Xamun Project app, a Daily Status tab enables you to have a full view of which project tasks are done for a particular day. Eliminate the process of going to-and-fro team members to check status updates. In an Agile Setting, team leaders are able to perform daily stand up meetings where impediments are identified.

Project Summary

In Xamun Project, identifying your whole project health is possible. Get a quick overview of your project by using the Report tab. Report tab holds general project details such as the team members, as well as a pie chart summarizing all tasks’ status and the project plan. You can import this to a PDF that you can send or print out for a client.

Time Off Management

In doing a project, you can’t ignore the work-life-balance that you and your team members need. Manage your team’s time-off requests anywhere you are. Time-Off Manager, a Xamun applet allows you to approve/deny leaves of your team members that will enable you to plan your project deliverables accordingly.

 Schedule Management

Xamun My Day is your daily task scheduler in Xamun. You can schedule daily tasks and appointments, be it personal or project related, where you can set to share to other task assignees. My Day is now integrated with Google Calendar and Windows Live Calendar.

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