Xamun Project on iOS

You can  soon manage your tasks in Xamun Project using your iPhone or iPad! Take it with you anywhere you go and use its features as that of a desktop application. You can monitor projects, update tasks, post discussion and update your timesheet with it. Coming your way by the end of August!

After downloading the FREE Xamun Project app on the App Store, click on the Xamun Project icon to launch the app then you will land on the sign in page where you can log in using your Xamun credentials.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t have a Xamun account to log in just go to app.xamun.com on your desktop to create an account, which is FREE for the first three users.


Project Lists

Once you’re logged in, you will see the Project Lists. In it, you will find all the existing projects set up in Xamun.

Simply click on the search icon to view projects. Upon selecting a project, you will land on the task list.


Task List

You will also find three buttons on the top-right corner: Project Set Up, a task filter (by person), and add task. On the bottom of the list are three tabs that you can click: the Task List, Group Discussion and Timesheet.

 The list has four default task statuses: Backlog, To Do, In Progress, and Done.


Task Details

Once you click on the task name, you will land on the Task Details where you will be able to edit the following details:  task name, description, details, and subtasks.


Project Setup

When you click on the Project Setup icon on the Task List, you can edit the following details: Project Name, Project Details and the Team Members within the project.


Discussion Board

You can post message threads and collaborate with your team on the Discussion Board. You can add comments or like a post by pressing on the icons shown below to easily communicate with your team.



When you click on the Timesheet tab, all the tasks assigned to you will appear. All you need to do is update the hours spent on each task. In this tab, you can also switch from one day to the next day or the previous day as well as view all the hours logged for each task.


With Xamun Project now made available on iOS, you can be on the go but still be able to manage tasks whenever, wherever.

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