Xamun Navigator: Helping you find your way around

The Xamun Team has rolled out a new widget called the Navigator. This allows you to create shortcuts so you can jump right into the things that matter to you the most. In addition, Xamun Navigator lets you switch from one app directly to another. Currently, this widget is available in Xamun Community, but we’re putting it in all pages very soon. Read on to know more about the Navigator.

The Navigator icon can be found at the upper left corner just below your company logo. Note that this icon is movable by dragging it with your cursor:


How to create shortcuts

Shortcuts let you put important projects, people, or clients right on the first page of the Navigator, so you won’t have to open different pages just to access them.


When you click on the Navigator icon, the first thing that you’ll see is the Shortcuts page. The Shortcuts page will be empty the first time you access it.


When you click on the Apps button, it will show you the apps which you have access to:


When you click on each app you’ll see a list or a launcher, depending on which app you click on. Below is the People list that appears when you click on People button.  You can click on each line item to open it. Click on the “add to shortcut” button to include that item on your Shortcuts page:


How to remove shortcuts

From the Shortcuts page, click on remove button.


Select which shortcut to remove.


Click on done button once completed.


You can repeat the process of updating shortcuts by removing and adding them depending on your need. You just need to make sure that the shortcut you are trying to create has a spot to fill in, or it cannot be added to your Shortcuts page.





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