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Introducing Xamun Marketplace, an online community where you can find new projects, connect with potential clients, and outsource to other service providers or suppliers. The Marketplace is a free site that comes with your Xamun account, and it caters to the early stages of your project lifecycle. Currently, Xamun Marketplace is in beta.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To access Xamun Marketplace, your User Role should have access as either: Company Admin, Sales, Marketing and Invoice.


How to access Xamun Marketplace

You can access Xamun Marketplace in 2 ways. Login directly to marketplace.xamun.com or click on the Xamun Marketplace link on the upper right corner of the page to Community Dashboard.


Upon logging in, you’ll need to set up your Company Profile. Simply fill out all the details then save.


How to create Service Listings

Service listings allow you to showcase your company’s offerings to potential clients. It is detailed by category to allow people to search you easily.

To create service listings, simply click on the Quick Add (+) button on the Services Offered box within the Company Profile. Fill out details i.e Service Name, Category and Sub Category.

Hit the Next button which will lead you to complete a description of the service. Note that all details are necessary to be able to save.

You can upload a promotional image or just use the same image as your company logo.

Once you have created a Service Listing, you will then appear in the Supplier Directory. You can repeat the same process if you have to add as much service as your company provides. (see below how the Supplier Directory works)

Supplier Directory

Search for suppliers worldwide and easily identify the services they provide.


How to Search for Suppliers

Search suppliers in 2 ways: Enter keywords like “First two (2) letters of Country or Enter Specific Text” or simply select specific categories on the left side panel.

When you click on a listing, you will see three tabs: Service Overview, the Company Profile, and related services:

The Company Profile is where potential clients can see your other services, as well as contact information.

The Send Inquiry button will enable a potential client to reach out to you:

IMPORTANT NOTE: When a potential client sends an inquiry, it will appear as a lead in your Xamun Sales app.

My Project Postings

Project Postings let other Xamun users know what are the current projects available in your company, they can express interest to bid for the project and allows you to select the best proposal. The current features of My Project Postings are: create new projects, update and delete project postings.


How to Add Project Postings

Click on the New tab and a popup will appear where you need to put all the information on the new project to post. You can also edit to update project postings or delete if necessary by clicking on the project name then clicking on the Update or Delete button.


When you click on the number of proposals, you will see the messages from companies who expressed interest in your project. You can view each message by clicking on the item to expand the message.


Project Directory

You can outsource complementary services to other suppliers and, in turn, delight your clients through the Project Directory. Once you post a project, other companies can find your project and express interest in it.

When you click on the View Project button, the overview of the project will appear:

You can express interest in the project by clicking on the button of the same name:

How to Search for Projects

Just like in the Supplier Directory, you search for projects in 2 ways: Enter keywords like “First two (2) letters of Country or Enter Specific Text” or simply select specific categories on the left side panel.

With Xamun Marketplace, you can bridge the demographic boundaries of the hiring practice and simplify your outsourcing process.

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