Xamun Exclusive: 2013 Features Outlook

2012 was a fruitful year in Xamun, as shown by the several features that we rolled out to aid you in managing projects, clients, and people.

This year, we’ve lined up a number of new features, as well as improvements on existing features. The target release dates for these features will be some time in 1Q or 2Q 2013, so watch out for announcements!


A new app is on its way

The Xamun Team is always open for suggestions when it comes to new features or new apps. Our in-house business development team sometime in late 2012 requested for a marketing app, to help marketing professionals in tracking campaigns for sales prospects. As soon as a prospect becomes qualified, it becomes a lead and will appear in the sales pipeline. This new app, earmarked as Xamun Marketing, will be another add-on to Xamun’s CRM apps, which is currently comprised of Client (for account management) and Pipeline (for sales pipeline management).

Xamun will soon cover prospecting via Marketing, selling via Pipeline, and account management via Client.

 Third-party app integration

Integrating Xamun with third-party apps started in 3Q 2012. Right now, the following features are possible:

1)      You can send MyDay entries to your Google Calendar and Windows Live Calendar
2)      You can import LinkedIn profiles into your resume in Xamun People
3)      In Xamun Community, you can import contacts on LinkedIn and Facebook into My Connections
4)      In Xamun Marketplace, you can search for freelance talent via oDesk


We’ve only just begun, and in 2013, expect the following features to be available:

1)     Integration with Xero and other online accounting apps

We’re making invoice data from Client more useful by integrating to accounting apps so you can better streamline your financial operations.


2)     Integration with Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive

With Xamun already giving users the ability to upload files in Project and in Community, we’re now working to enable you to save these files

3)     Integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, and Outlook Contacts

Inviting people to join Xamun will be much easier once we’ve rolled out the integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail and Outlook .

First-time Xamun user? Let us walk you through and give you tips

The Xamun Team is constantly trying to improve users’ first time experience, and for 2013, we’re introducing a walk-through widget that will show step-by-step instructions for various apps and features.

We’re also unveiling a new way of understanding the various features in Xamun via Info Tips. These tips are scattered all over, so watch out for the icon (see top-left corner of the image above) and click on it, and read the brief description that will pop up.


These features on Xamun are just some of the many lined up for 2013. If you have a feature in mind that, just send the Xamun Team a message (via  team@xamun.com) and we’ll take your feedback as a discussion point during our team meetings.

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