The New Xamun Accounts

When managing your potential and current clients, it is important to have a good database that can help you record all client-related information, discussion and tasks, follow through a contact, and know who’s in charge so you can draft your gameplan in getting a new lead from the client. With Xamun Accounts’ new design and features, you can do exactly that. In the last issue, we gave you an overview of the app. This time around, we’ll drill down the various things you can do inside. Click the link to know how to access Xamun Accounts. 

Schedule a Follow up

Stay in touch with prospective clients by organizing a follow up. To create a follow up schedule with your lead, simply click on Follow Up in the Client Card and enter the follow up date. Assign an Account Manager

In every account, it is important to have a person in-charge. You can do that by assigning an account manager. To add an account manager, just click on the plus (+) button found in the client card and tick the name of the person you want to select as account manager in the checkbox. Post Discussion

Communication is key to better understand the need so as important it is to communicate with clients, it is also important to communicate internally. Post a discussion within the client card so you know what’s going on in the account. Simply click on the plus (+) button  to Add Entry. Create Tasks

It is important to track all your activities to close that deal and that has been simplified by entering your task within an account to get a list view of your tasks. Mark the checkbox once a task has been completed so you can prioritize your tasks. Don’t lose business simply because you don’t have an efficient way to track and manage your potential clients. With Xamun Accounts, it’s just a matter of time before you win that deal. Start generating leads and add them to Xamun Accounts for efficient management.

Add a New Lead

The end-goal of using Xamun Accounts is to create leads for your sales team. To do it, Click on Add Lead found on the client card.

When you add a new lead, it will go into your pipeline and appear on the Sales Board where you can edit the details and monitor its progress. 

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