Work-Life Balance: Why its time to think about Remote Work

If having equality between work and life means gaining balance, why is it difficult to achieve? According to an article about managing millennials, this new generation of workers is out to seek information, feedback and the much coveted work-life balance.  Now-a-days, people in the knowledge economy want to do something in their own terms. They want to be able to do work where they are most comfortable, and they are always looking for ways to live outside work. However, having 8 to 10 hours allotted for work then the remaining hours to pursue personal endeavors may not be enough. If your company strives to provide work-life balance, what can you do?

In today’s digital age, a link in the growing significance of flexibility within an organization and among your customers is becoming the key. Flexibility used to be in terms of the hours spent in the office. But now, more and more companies are shifting towards an output-centric style of managing employees. What matters more is where people can work effectively. In a study conducted by IBM on the importance of work venues, it indicates that telework (virtual office) offers the potential for enabling employees to better balance work and family life while at the same time enhancing business performance.

Armed with their computers and their minds, knowledge workers can do most work remotely.  Given this, your company can expand the labor pool. Employers can now recruit talented employees outside of their corporate office’s geographical boundaries. In a separate report by IBM on the implications of the remote work environment on organizations and employees, there’s about 20% increase in employee productivity due to less time spent commuting, less disruptions as a result of office politics, employees tailoring their work day according to peak productive times, and more continuous work time.

There are solutions like Google Hangout, Dropbox and Skype that make remote work possible. However, there are more tools out there that strive make communication and collaboration easier for virtual teams.

You and your company have so many ways to make work-life balance happen. It’s really a matter of creating the right policies and choosing the right tools that would help you grow your business.

Remember: your work doesn’t have to take your life away. You can now easily do things without limiting yourself.  Life is beautiful and yes, work can be too. Because now, you can work where your heart is.

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