Why Use Time Tracking For Creatives?

Yes, yes we know. Creative types want their freedom and independence when doing the work that they do. Tracking time would be stifling and detrimental to the creative process. Or would it?

When would tracking time be beneficial to a creative agency and its staff? Why do some design labs and creative houses use time tracking tools such as those in Xamun to resounding business success? Here are some convincing reasons why time tracking for creatives can be a good thing:

1. Time tracking lets you know how much time you spend on a project

Why is it important to know how much time you spend on a project? Having a tool to track the time you put into each project gives you the clarity to temper your creative activities with practicality. It also gives you a concrete and measurable basis for analyzing past projects as well as to plan for future ones.

2. Time tracking allows you to charge clients appropriately

Once you know how much time you put into each of your projects, then you can bill your clients properly. The project that takes the longest time to do and eats up the most hours should, logically, be the ones that pay you more. This is only fair for you, your clients, and your staff.

3. Time tracking allows creatives to manage their time wisely

Creatives are notorious for haphazard time management. If this is the case in your company, then it is up to the agency to instill a system that allows the artistic staff to be able to work productively within reasonable limits. This kind of planning ensures that time is not wasted on unnecessary things and that there will always be enough time to do the creative work that must be done.

In short, time tracking is a great tool for creatives

Time tracking need not be the enemy of creativity that it is usually made out to be. When productivity and the completion of a project is the end goal, then having a system of time management could even be beneficial to each one of your creative staff and to the company as a whole.

 Source: FunctionPoint

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