The Workplace Is Becoming More Social – And Xamun Is Ready For That

For businesses to thrive (or even survive), there is a strong need to exchange information among employees. We all know that collaboration is the key to solving problems or generating ideas faster and better, and with the ubiquity of social networks, people are now wired to share information with each other more openly and seamlessly. Whether it’s solving a problem, sending progress reports, or simply discussing team-level or task-level issues, it’s not a matter of what or who, but where.

Companies use various tools or platforms to foster a social and collaborative environment, may it be for virtual/distributed teams or traditional teams who work in the same space. Some resort to the default: email exchanges and teleconferencing. Certain factors come into play, rendering these default solutions rather inefficient: different time zones, the multitude and magnitude of  projects or tasks or issues, and the need to organize information so that it’s easier to create and access.

Other companies start discussion groups in Facebook or LinkedIn, and this becomes interesting. In these discussion groups, you can post anything – text, images, videos, files, and links. There are two basic issues surrounding this kind of solution: first, most companies block such social networking sites because they are deemed to distract employees from doing actual work. Second, these sites only cater to discussions, meaning you still have to use another solution for your business needs – it could be a project management tool, a CRM tool, or an HR management tool.

But what if you bring together a discussion group and a business management solution in a single place?

This is what Xamun is all about. With its collaboration platform called Xamun Community, you will be able to collaborate with people in and out of the organization via group discussions, and integrate it with project teams and departments.



Via Xamun Groups, you can post announcements, upload files, or share links to all employees, to select project teams, departments and to custom-made discussion circles. When you create a project on the Xamun Project app, a group will be automatically made in Xamun Community appearing under My Groups.

Xamun Community can be accessed for free by all Xamun users. Drive your workplace to be more collaborative and communicative by using the platform. The constant exchange of information and the social interactions made among people will make your organization smarter, more competitive, and more tight-knit.

They say two heads are better than one. In Xamun, we say a hundred is much better than two, and Xamun Community makes that happen.

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