Time Offs Don’t Have to be Headache-Inducing for You and Your Team

Creative and professional service companies are now focusing more on the output of an individual or a team rather than the time spent on doing a task. However, to achieve high-quality results, strong communication among teammates is a must. The importance and difficulty of communication becomes ten-fold when teammates are distributed in different locales.

The success of a project is borne out of a team’s concerted efforts. But what happens when someone suddenly takes a time off? It can definitely leave a dent on the project’s progress, especially if a teammate’s absence was not brought to your attention early on.

The traditional way of filing time offs is a process that can be cumbersome to the one applying for it, and the one approving it. It takes a longer time and dreadful paperwork for companies who have inefficient time off management systems. The Xamun Team says: it doesn’t have to be that hard.

With Xamun’s Time Off Manager, that process can be shortened into a few clicks of your mouse. Ideally, this applet is made for virtual teams who are scattered all around the globe. You can file and approve time off requests in a single place, and you can even know who will be away and when. This enables you to plan project deliverables ahead, so no surprises when your teammates are away.

Setting up time offs is done in the People Management Setup, where you can customize the different time off type. This can only be accessed if you have an HR Admin access for Xamun People, which can be granted in company setup by your Company Admin.

Some companies have just one type of time off, some have several options like Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, LWOP or Leave Without Pay, and Emergency Leave. How you will put ground rules is up to the HR policies of your company.

In People Management, you can set how much time off credit each person has for a particular time off type. Those in your HR department or whoever will have an HR Admin access will also have to set each person’s Time Off Approver by choosing from a list that will appear when you click on items on the “Reports To” column. Time Off Approvers will have the ability to approve their subordinates’ time off requests using the Time Off Manager applet on the lower-left corner of the App Dashboard.


When you click on the palm tree icon of the Time Off Manager applet, you have the option to do one of four things: approve time offs, apply for a time off, review the time offs that you’ve requested, and see who is scheduled to take a time off.

Applying for a Time Off

Upon clicking on Apply Time Off in the Time Off Manager applet, a form will appear. The form identifies who you report to, and you have to choose time off type, start date. The number of days can is automatically computed, but you can manually change this.

You can also click on My Time Offs which will summarize the time offs you have filed. In it, you can cancel a request or post a message for your Time Off Approver. There is also another panel where you can see which teammates are on vacation.

Approving Time Offs

When a teammate applies for a time off, you will receive an email notification. On the Time Off Manager applet, upon clicking on a time off type, it will show the list of time off requests from teammates. You have the option to approve, deny, request to clarify, or post a message for each request. Regardless of the action you will take, the concerned teammate will receive a notification.

When you are on the Project Board, you can also identify your teammates who are on leave. Their display photo will have an orange (T) symbol which means they are on leave. Clicking on their icon will also display the details of their leave.

No more crying over people leaving unexpectedly, now that you have Xamun. With Xamun’s Time Off Manager applet, you can make your teammates happier with efficient time off approvals and protect your project from delays because you’re always on top of who’s going to be away.


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