Time Off Manager in Community

Xamun being a collaborative app also made available, albeit in the beta stage, its new feature. If you are the type of user who likes to stick around the Xamun Community app for the updates but you also have other managerial responsibilities to fulfill, the Time Off Manager in the Community Dashboard will be able to help you out with this.

The functions are very intuitive and very similar to the Time off Manager applet. To Apply Time Off, just click on it and fill out the necessary fields then click Apply.

You can also see your Time off and their status via this feature. You can also cancel it anytime you want.


You don’t have to switch dashboards just to approve time offs. You can do it on this page by clicking on the Approve Time Off link. The Conversations threads are also available on this feature so you can always clarify schedules over this. A counter beside it will also notify you on how many pending time offs you have to approve.

To see the history of your team’s time off, you can go to the Time Off History. View the details of your team’s time offs and you also have to option to reset them.

Another function of this feature is to generate Time Off reports. You can filter it to individual team members to the whole team. Other options are Time off transaction history report and time off current balance summary report. All generated reports will be in PDF file.

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