The New Community Dashboard: Part I – Unique Features

Take control of your entire business with the new Community Dashboard. This is the new home page of all Xamun users. It is a comprehensive approach to managing your business online. It makes things easier to access, especially for users who handle more than one business function.

The screenshot below shows the dashboard of a Company Administrator who has access to all apps. In this article, we’ll run through each feature to help you navigate the dashboard.

First Look at the Community Dashboard

The Community Dashboard is divided into different sections: Universal Header (green) , Xamun Apps Panes (orange), Center Pane (purple) and Admin Pane (yellow).



The grey header, which appears across all pages in Xamun. It also serves as a navigation pane within Xamun and consists of the following: 

1. Home – this button will always lead you to the Community Dashboard.

2. Marketplace Launcher – this will redirect you to Xamun Marketplace. [Note: you will only be able to login to the Marketplace if you are Company Administrator or you have CRM Apps (Marketing, Sales and Invoice) access]. 

3. Time Off Manager – apply Time Off, Open Requests and view Approved/Used Requests.

4. Access Request Management (only applies to Company Admin) – allows you to review and approve app access requests and join requests (requests to join your company).

5. Unread Discussion – contains all your discussions that you haven’t read.

6. Ticket Manager – add new tickets and view tickets you have created, and if you have a Xamun Helpdesk access, view all existing tickets within the company.

7.  Invite User – invite new users thru email or Facebook and grant each user role.

8. Google Drive – Upload files and share them to project teams and departments.

9. External Group – shows users who requested and joined the community.

10. Xamun Support Team – lets you post feedback to Xamun team for any support, comments and suggestions you have. This is also where you will find the knowledge base, where you can read about Xamun’s features.

11. Connection Checker – makes you aware of your relative connection strength to our server.

12. Account Settings – allows you to update your profile, link your Facebook, LinkedIn and Gmail accounts to your Xamun Account (for auto sign-in), change your password, and set up your landing page.



Manage your business within the Community Dashboard and instantly get information needed using Xamun Apps Panes.

Xamun Apps within the Community Dashboard is built to assist you do the following:

1. My Day Pane - lets you view and create new tasks, schedules/appointments, tickets and your to-do’s.

2. Projects Pane –  quickly add new projects and view existing ones’ progress.

3. Sales Pane – create new leads instantly and have an overview of your sales pipeline.

4. Marketing Pane – add new prospects and monitor your marketing communication efforts easily.

5. Invoice Pane – review your aging invoice to better manage clients.

6. Timesheet Pane - track you and your team’s time logs.

7. People Pane – shows your employee list and lets you invite new users via email or Facebook and grant individual access to them.

8. My Contacts Pane – manage your contact lists by adding new ones or importing using LinkedIn, Facebook or Google.

9. Groups Pane – add new groups or maintain your existing internal or external groups.

10. Helpdesk Pane – create tickets or manage existing tickets for better service.



It consists of the Discussion Board where all your activities and discussion feed will be posted. You can share files via URL or upload from your computer.

When you upload a file, you can preview it directly on the dashboard without downloading it. Just click on the file to expand it. Video links get embedded on the dashboard, so you can watch directly in it.



Let’s you view all Xamun users in Projects, Marketing, Sales, Invoice and People. It also enables you you manage your Xamun Subscription.

Note: This feature is only available for Company Admins.



Other Features:  

1. Navigator - create shortcuts and navigate easily from one app to another.

2. My Contacts – this app is unique in the Community Dashboard.

3. Groups – like My Contacts, Xamun Groups can only be accessed in the Community Dashboard.

4. Presence Manager – lets you know who is online and when they logged in, It also shows who’s on time-off and lets you post a status message.

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