The New Xamun Timesheet

Timesheet has become an essential part of any business today as it is a proof for the amount of time one worked. Xamun Timesheet has been redesigned for a more efficient management of work and workforce.

Xamun Timesheet can be accessed in 2 ways: 

Timesheet via Task Board:

To access timesheet in the task board simply click on the clock sign in the task card to add record. 

Timesheet via Community Dashboard:

To access timesheet in CDB, simply click on the (+) button.

You can easily add, edit and view timesheet records using Daily or Weekly View.

Daily View:

This view allows you to add, edit and delete timesheet records on a daily basis. You can view & switch dates by clicking on the arrows on the side or hover to the date needed. 

Add New Time Record:

To add a new time record simply fill out the following:

  1. Search  for Project Name
  2. Search or enter a Task
  3. Input Start and End Time
  4. Log Hours
  5. Select Status (In Progress, Done, To-Do)
  6. Save Changes

Add New Project:

To add a new project in your timesheet simply click on the (+) sign. Fill out the following details:

1.Select if Xamun or Non-Xamun Project
2.Input Project Name
3.Select Client name
4.Enter simple Description
5.Provide Start and End Date
6.Add Team Members
7.Select Project Manager/Timesheet Approver
To delete timesheet record click the (X) button while to add additional timesheet record by click the (+) button.
Weekly View:
Allows you to get a summary of your reported days and total hours for the week.You can get the following details:

  1.  Week
  2. Total Hours
  3. Timesheet Status
  4. Reported Days
  5. Summary Report for the week 

Timesheet Approver:

An additional bar for Approvals will be visible to Timesheet Approver. This will allow them to review each timesheet record added for each project.

How to Approve a Timesheet:

1.Select Project
2.Select Teammate
3.Select Week to Approve
View Timesheet Report:
Timesheet report by clicking on Printable HTML button.
Timesheet report will allow you to get over all Daily Time Record of all team members within a project or all projects.
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