Xamun Redefined: The Virtual Business Enabler

Xamun Redefined: The Virtual Business Enabler

Virtual businesses are on the rise, and the brand new Xamun makes managing and growing a virtual business faster and simpler than ever.

A virtual business is any company that transacts business in electronic form, as opposed to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. The creative and professional services industries, where value creation is information- or knowledge-driven, are increasingly adopting a virtual business setup. The perks of going virtual include eliminating of costs like rent fees for an office space and its maintenance. A virtual business may be a great idea, but it does come with challenges. There’s the pain of wasting time telling people what to do, and the anxiety of not knowing if things are getting done.

Xamun eliminates these problems by providing a platform where you can bring your office to the cloud, manage a virtual team, and run your business like the usual – while enjoying life as you wish.

Included in the new Xamun is the quick onboarding, which includes an email sign-up, one-step registration, and company setup – all in less than 5 minutes. Xamun is also faster because of its light user interface and it can now be used on any mobile device that supports a web browser.

Xamun’s three main features are: Productivity, Community, and Marketplace. As the first integrated solution for businesses, Xamun Productivity helps you monitor tasks, schedule time offs, profile clients, and more with web apps: Project, Client, People, MyDay, Timesheet & Ticket. Xamun Community is what keeps your virtual business social through Xamun Groups. In it, you can reach out to a wider professional network, spark discussions, and build thought leadership. Xamun Marketplace is a global project exchange platform which connects virtual businesses to freelancers, their clients, and their suppliers.

Xamun has two main home pages: the Productivity Dashboard and the Community Dashboard. The Productivity Dashboard is the home page for Xamun Productivity apps, where you’ll see the Live Cards that will give you access to each app. The Community Dashboard provides a social view of your entire business, where you will see Xamun Marketplace and Xamun Community.


Xamun Productivity Apps 101

Xamun Project is your one-stop project management app. Set project and task information in great detail, assign tasks and monitor their progress in real time, and collaborate seamlessly in a single page. Xamun Project has three project types to choose from: Task Board, Scrum Board, and Kanban Board. Task Board is made for simple projects in any field. Meanwhile, the Scrum and Kanban Board were specially made for software development teams, with ease of use at the center of the design process.

As a customer relationship management app, Xamun Client lets you create invoices, track leads & opportunities, and manage contracts and people in one place. Xamun People, a Human Resource Management (HRM) solution, enables you to store and update professional profiles of your resources, set time-off balances, and manage access and admin rights to Xamun Productivity Apps. The Time-off Manager found at the bottom left corner of the Productivity View enables you to apply for or approve time-offs easily.

MyDay is your personal scheduler that also helps in keeping track of your tasks. Never miss an important appointment and organize your personal/non-billable To-Dos while keeping them integrated with your Project tasks. MyDay is also integrated with your weekly timesheet. In it, you can update your billable and non-billable hours, which will reflect in your timesheet manager’s Timesheet app.

Xamun Helpdesk allows you to file support tickets, so you can take care of your clients effortlessly. The new Xamun lets you assign tickets to members in three ways: individually, by project, or by department. Tickets automatically appear in assignees’ taskboards and you can monitor the progress in addressing issues in real time.


The Future of Xamun

Down the line, you can expect additional features in Xamun Productivity that includes third party integration. Xamun Client will be integrated with accounting apps like Xero. Meanwhile, you can instantly upload employee profiles with the upcoming LinkedIn and Xamun People integration. Xamun Marketplace will be integrated with oDesk, making it very easy to source freelancers for your projects.

To experience these new updates and add-ons, visit Xamun.com to sign up for a 30 day free trial and start a virtual business today!

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