Project Taskboard Redesign

Xamun Project taskboard has been redesigned to help you run projects faster and better. This article gives you a basic overview of how all the bells & whistles work. 

Add New Project: 

To add a new project, simply click on the arrow button then fill out the project name at the button then hit save. 

After adding a new project, you are instantly brought to Project Setup. In it, you can edit the Project Name and Client. To access Project Setup, click on the project name: 

You can set up your project details by filling out the following details:

  1. Client Contact Person
  2. Project Status
  3. Project Description
  4. Project Team Members
  5. Start and End Date
  6. Timesheet Approver
  7. Helpdesk Manager
  8. Documents

Add New Task

You can set task details to have a more thorough and visual approach in managing deliverables. Adding a task has been simplified by clicking the (+) button.  Add Assignee

Once a new task is added. Click on the (+) button to add assignee.  View Task Details

 Click the task number to view task details.  Set up Task Details: 

Easily set up important details by filling out the following:

  1. Edit Task Name
  2. Edit Task Number
  3. Select Predecessor Tasks
  4. Edit Task Status
  5. Edit Task Size
  6. Edit Milestone
  7. Activate Email Notification
  8. Edit Task Description
  9. Add Attachments
  10. Post on the task-level discussion thread
  11. Add Due Date
  12. Add or Remove Task Assignee
  13. Set Task Category
  14. Add Sub Tasks
  15. Download/delete attachments 


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