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The Xamun Team has unveiled a new feature on the Community Dashboard: The People Board.  This article is an overview, and the full discussion of the board will be available in our Knowledgebase. The People Board lets the HR team store and share personnel records to everyone in the company. What you see on the board depends on your app access rights, so you can see the information that you need, which will be shown later.

How to Access People Board

Simply click on the People Board Icon on the Universal Header.

Within the People Board, you can view the following employee details:

  1. Employee Name
  2. Deployment
  3. Skills
  4. Department
  5. Position
  6. Employee Profile link

HR Access View

Users with HR access (Profile & Skills and HR Admin) will see a different filter on top of the People Board. In this view, employees can be filtered by departments:

Note: When users with HR Admin roles access the Employee Profile, they can edit the profile. Every employee can edit their profile by clicking on Account Settings > My Profile, and they can import their LinkedIn profile to automatically generate information.

For Non HR or Admin Access

For general view on the People Board, you will see the following but will not have the user rights to edit any details.


Sales Access View

The Sales Team needs to see who’s deployed from time-to-time, to earmark resources for new projects better. For users with Sales app access, the filter on top of the board are based on whether an employee is deployed, on the bench, or a support employee (applies to non-billable teammates).

When the Deployment label is green, it means that the employee is billable and currently deployed. If it’s orange, it means the employee is billable and not deployed/on the bench.

When you click on the deployment icon, you can:

  1. Search Xamun Projects by typing the name on the search box.
  2. Add Non Xamun Projects by filling out the Project Name, Deployment Start and Deployment End Date

Note: a non-Xamun project is a project which is running in your company, but is not being managed inside Xamun. This means it does not have its own task board.

You can also edit the deployment dates of each person:



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