Xamun Task Boards

With the various types of projects out there, Xamun Project introduces a new way of running different types of projects in one place. To kick start a project, it is important to accomplish smaller tasks to get the project on the right track. But before even beginning to start a task, we usually like to […]

Offer Your Skills to Startups

If you’re on the lookout for available jobs, you don’t need to look further. Many websites offer countless job opportunities that could be just right up your alley. You may be one of the many hopefuls who want to fetch up in those big corporate companies. But would you want to deal with vicious competition […]

Virtual Business, the way ‘creative industry’ will be working: 10 reasons why I am betting on it

  BlastAsia Inc. and Xamun Inc. CEO, Arup Maity gives insight on Virtual Business and the way it will change the ‘Creative Industry’. Virtual business uses online means to find, cater, deliver and support its clients like the industries that involves generation of knowledge and information. Read the top 10 reasons why the creative industry […]

Adding Employees in Xamun

Building your own virtual team is easy once you start adding people on Xamun. There are three ways of adding employees to Xamun, just follow these easy steps and you’ll have the entire team on Xamun in no time. Section: Company Set-Up By clicking on the gear icon on the upper-right corner of the Productivity […]

Xamun Customer Support

After gathering feedback from early clients, the Xamun team has established Xamun support features to make your Xamun experience as easy as possible. Productivity Dashboard   Keep your business going with a fast, personal, and effective one-on-one live chat support via Xamun Live Chat (1). You will get answers from real people in real time. […]

Anatomy of a Live Card

For our first round of Xamun Tips we give you an overview of the very first thing you see on your screen when you log in on Xamun: the Live Cards. These cards are your entry point to each app, and they have four clickable sections that you can explore. Alert Banner – This section shows […]

Xamun Redefined: The Virtual Business Enabler

Xamun Redefined: The Virtual Business Enabler Virtual businesses are on the rise, and the brand new Xamun makes managing and growing a virtual business faster and simpler than ever. A virtual business is any company that transacts business in electronic form, as opposed to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. The creative and professional services industries, where value […]