Offer Your Skills to Startups

If you’re on the lookout for available jobs, you don’t need to look further. Many websites offer countless job opportunities that could be just right up your alley.

You may be one of the many hopefuls who want to fetch up in those big corporate companies. But would you want to deal with vicious competition over there? It’s time to think about it. Walk away from corporate companies and offer your skills to startups. They’ll be more than eager to hire people like you.

Why startups?
It’s exciting. 

Almost everything that comes about in a startup company is new, and many people thrive in experiencing these “new stuff” firsthand. A startup is fairly risky, but it also has a huge potential to prosper and turn into something bigger. That’s why many people enjoy seeing how the company is expanding, knowing that they are a part of it from the start.

Startups usually get a lot of big opportunities, which may turn into high rewards. These rewards aren’t always monetary, but can still be very fulfilling.

Your ideas are important.

Since the company is just starting out, any feedback you make creates an impact and could help shape the company as a whole.

It’s like having a sense of ownership to whatever accomplishments the company achieves. Your performance can contribute to the company’s success. You feel needed and important, and that can motivate you to be the best you can be.

It’s not always about the money.

Salary in startups may be considerably lower than what bigger companies can offer, but since they usually don’t have a lot of employees, there won’t be that much hassle in paycheck release. Sometimes, startups also give non-monetary rewards, like company shares. It’s like making you an investor or part-owner of the company that gives you profit for a longer term.

What do you need to do to get into a startup company?
Take initiative.

Startups may post job openings more often than bigger companies because they’re in need of manpower. Take advantage of this and keep in touch with the company you’re eyeing. Send them an email, or even deliver your resumé yourself. Express how enthusiastic you are to work for them and how you could further contribute to the company.

Be precise.

Get to know the company you’re applying for and do some research about the audience and the clients they’re targetting. Make sure to indicate in your resumé specific skills that can make you valuable to them. Avoid clichéd and vague words like “multitask” and “team player.”

Be True.

Be honest during the interview and never lie in your resumé. Don’t magnify your skills or your employment history. If asked about something you’d rather not let them know, like your weaknesses, answer truthfully, but choose your words. Startups want creative people, so show up for your interview with ideas to help and improve the business.

Be Passionate.

Be prepared to work beyond your job description. Many startup companies don’t have clear-cut definitions of who does who, so you may have to do something you didn’t expect. On the bright side, you’ll be working in a variety of things and won’t get bored. You have to have the desire and drive in what you do.

Be a part of a growing company. The possibilities are endless. Join a startup now!
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