New Feature: Project Report

Project Report:

Have a bird’s eye view of the status of each project with Project Report to easily grasp and keep track of progress for better management.

Accessing Project Report

Simply click the Project Report Icon within the Projects Pane to view Project Report. Within the Project Report, you will be able to do the ff:

  1. View Project Status
  2. Add New Project
  3. Modify Privileged Viewers
  4. Update Basic Info – Project Timeline
  5. Edit Team Members
  6. Input Sentiments
  7. Go to Task Board
  8. Post Comment 

1. View Project Report Status:

You can View Project Report Status with the following options:

  • Reported
  • Closed
  • Hidden


This will display all active projects within the Project Board.


This is where inactive projects will be displayed. When you close a project, it will no longer be displayed in the Project Report Board but can still be activated in the Task Board under Inactive Projects.


Reports that have been hidden will be displayed in this view. You must be tagged as a Privileged Viewer for you to be able to access the hidden reports.

To hide a project, you must have Project Administrator or Project Director Access. 

2. Add New Project

Within the Project Report page, you can also add a new project.

To Add New Project, complete the following:

  1. Click Add Project Button
  2. Select Xamun Project or Non Xamun Project
  3. Input Project Name
  4. Client Name  – (can be an existing client or a new one)
  5. Add Description
  6. Input Start and End Date
  7. Add Team Members
  8. Select Project Manager
  9. Save

3. Modify Privileged Viewers:

They are the ones who have been given the access to view certain projects whether they are part of the project or not. Privileged viewers can only be accessed by the Project Director or Project Administrator.

To access and modify, click on the “Privileged Viewers” link. You can modify by deleting or adding viewers. 

To remove a privileged viewer, just click on the (X) button then save. 

To add a new privileged viewer by simply clicking on the (+) button. Select the person to add then hit save. 

4. Update Basic Info:

Modify the basic details of a project when you click on the Project Name.

This panel contains the following details that are editable:

  1. Start and End Date of Project
  2. Set Status of Project – (hide project mark as confidential or close the project)
  3. Provide Client and Team sentiments

5. Edit Team Members:

Update team members of each project by clicking on the “Edit Team Members” link. 

Edit team members by:

  1. Delete the Existing Team Member
  2. Add a New Team Member

6. Input Sentiments:

Assess your team performance with sentiments from Client and Team.

To input sentiment, simply Select the Project Name. 

As a Client or Team Member, you can rate project performance from bad, fair or good then hit save. 

7. Go to Task Board:

To view a more detailed information about the status of a project, just click the link “Go to Task Board” where you will be redirected to the Task Board.

8. Post Comment

Discuss project report details faster by posting comments in each project. Click the “Add Comment” link and communicate with your team easily.  

Check “Mark as Confidential” so only Privilege viewers can see. Edit or Delete your comment once it has been posted.


With Project Reports, you get just the right amount of information that provides real time report that is readily available when you need it.




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