New and Updated Features

As we continue to improve Xamun, we’ve added new features: My Tools and Notifications, and updated the existing ones: the Task List and Navigator so you can do more seamlessly.

1. Navigator – from a widget, it is now part of the header. Upon clicking on the Navigator link, you will see your shortcuts, apps, and projects so you can jump from one app to another more effortlessly. You can customize your own shortcuts depending on your preference.

2. Task List – the widget is found on the left side of the community dashboard. The list compiles all project tasks (blue label), as well as general or non-project tasks (green label), assigned to you. In it, you can create general tasks, mark any task as done, and filter the list.

When you click the icon on the right-hand side of the widget header, it will take you to the expanded list. In it, you will see details of each task. 

When you create a general task, it will first appear on the tab “My Tasks” and will appear on the tab “Tasks assigned to others” once it is assigned to someone else.

 3.  Notifications – when you click on the notification icon, it will display notifications so you can always be updated on various activities within Xamun. For example, if someone assigns a new task to you (see screenshot), it will appear in the notification. Other notable scenarios that will appear on the notification: if someone filed a time-off request or someone posts in the discussion board or someone creates a new lead. Clicking on each notification will bring you to the appropriate page. For example, if a new task is assigned to you and you click on the notification, you will land at the project board.

4. My Tools – found on the right-hand side of the Community Dashboard, it allows you to quick access to the following apps: Time-Off Manager, Timesheet,  Helpdesk, Google Drive, and Contacts.

With these changes done in Xamun, we hope they will positively impact work and productivity as we continue to improve the product over the next couple of months.

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