Motivate Employees With a BIG CAR

What do employees really want? Their paychecks plus the benefits would be your instant answer, but there’s more to that. Although a good salary is important, it’s only a part of what they love about their jobs. What they really want is simply, a BIG CAR.

That’s right. Having a BIG CAR not only makes your workers feel satisfied, it also helps keep them motivated. But this doesn’t mean you’ll have to give each of them a Hummer (we know that’s too much). BIG CAR is simply an acronym, and we’ll tackle what each letter means below.

B –¬†Belongingness

Belongingness is a human need for the mind and soul and it greatly affects how someone functions, especially socially and mentally. Remember your employees are human beings too and the sense of belonging in the workplace is what keeps them stay and motivated.

Make your employees learn about you and each other better through fun side activities like parties or sports. Simple chit-chats over coffee or even free company shirt giveaways can make them feel a part of a big family.

I – Involvement

Employees are always eager to apply their skills and knowledge to their jobs. They have a lot to suggest in fact so let them be free to share these ideas during work. No one wants to be a robot who just takes orders.

Let everyone involved by sharing your ideas, listen to theirs and even have a healthy argument to prove each other’s points. With these, your employees would feel important, be more interested and gladly accept challenges.

G – Growth

Learning doesn’t stop after studying. It’s a continuous experience and should definitely be available to your employees. Fewer learning activities create less motivated employees and thus lead to less productivity.

Prevent having stagnant employees and give them a reason to be excited with new challenges and responsibilities by offering learning opportunities both in and out of the office. More than acquiring new knowledge, training your employees lets them renew their energy and creativity, driving them to perform better.

C – Connection

“How are you?” A simple yet meaningful question that shows that somehow in your tight schedule you still have the time to show your employees that you care.

Short personal whats-ups, asking for what they need, or just a “Hello” with a sincere smile connects you to your people, even if you’re just passing by their cubicles. Easy but it could be a day maker.

A – Achievement

There’s no point in doing something if you don’t have a goal. You and your employees must have a clear line of sight on what should be done and where you want to go.

Share to your employees the company’s goal and assign them their missions that should be accomplished for a certain time. This will tell them where they’re heading and push more to reach the goal. In the end, they’ll feel better knowing that they were a part of creating something big and successful.

R – Recognition

Getting noticed and feeling appreciated are what your employees want the most. After long days of hard work to finish something, the best thing they can hear from you is that they did a good job and you fully appreciated it.

Saying “You did well!”, rewarding certificates of recognition, or giving better incentives to those who deserve it will create happy and fully engaged employees. These will also drive other workers to work better.


Start having that BIG CAR in your company, make sure it’s working fine and nothing’s missing to have a productive and happy ‘road trip’ with your workers.

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