Make Your Customers Happier With Xamun Helpdesk

Making customers happy with good project delivery is one thing. Making them happier with a support service is another. Because of the importance of customer support, the Xamun Team developed Xamun Helpdesk, which is bringing issue and bug management to a new light.

Xamun Helpdesk solves issues and fix bugs immediately and easily. Its highlight features include the following:

– Monitor issue resolution of project teams and departments
– Create thoroughly-defined issue or bug tickets
– Centralize your tickets in one place

Xamun Helpdesk allows you to address issues in a detailed, simplified and group-oriented way so you can build a strong customer support team. This app is geared towards helping in strengthening your support team to help deliver quality service to their clients. Here are some tips to keep your customers happy using Xamun Helpdesk:

DO Assign a person as your Helpdesk Manager. This can be accessed and assigned in two ways: One during project setup and two, by the company admin during company setup. The Helpdesk live card will now appear on your App dashboard.

DO Monitor project-related tickets and tasks in a single place. Enjoy the benefits of an integrated app! Xamun Helpdesk is also integrated with Xamun Project. you are only one click away from accessing your Ticket Board even if you are working on a project.

DO Assign tickets to team members who are directly responsible for it. As Helpdesk Manager, you can create and assign tickets for projects, individuals, or departments.

DO Categorize your ticket – may it be a bug, an enhancement, a show-stopper, a task, or anything related to customer support. 

DON’T Forget to attach important files. Attaching a file or a link for reference can also be done in the Create New Ticket window.

DO Easily add tickets on the ticket board. Add a ticket card in the Ticket Board by filling out the blank template or by clicking the + sign in the first swim lane’s header. By clicking on the ticket name, you will open the ticket card. In it, you can fill out the important details such as ticket status, ticket category, and ticket priority.

DON’T miss important details. Like a task card, you can also write subtasks and other available options.

DO Participate in discussion threads. Exchange ticket notes and  Drag and drop associates on the ticket card or you can choose from the Assign button.

DO efficiently can drag ticket cards across columns/lanes as their status progresses. And just like the Task Board, the  lane labels are customizable.


Xamun Helpdesk allows project teams to be involved in creating a great customer experience along with your marketing and sales teams. This way, you can ensure that your customers are happy with your company’s output. Always remember: making customers satisfied would increase the chances of more business in the future. Let Xamun help you achieve just that.

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