Love your customers and they’ll love you back

These days entrepreneurs sprout like mushrooms, making competition for customers tougher than ever. For small- or medium-sized businesses trying to succeed in the markets where they compete, it has become crucial to get a hold of activities related to acquiring and retaining customers.

The term CRM (customer relationship management) has been a buzzword in the world business for quite some time now, with marketing pundits defining it in one too many ways. The Xamun Team believes it doesn’t have to be too complicated.

Xamun has adopted a simple way of describing CRM to develop apps for it: how to get new customers and how to keep them happy so that they’d actually stay.

After months of development work, we’ve unveiled three apps for Xamun Ultimate to drive your company’s CRM efforts. Here’s how they work:


On top of these apps, Xamun Ultimate also has two apps to complete the project life cycle:


Here are some ways you can show your love using Xamun CRM Apps:

DO Start from the inside. Your employees are the extension of your company and they will be the ones to represent you. Hire employees who are loyal and know and practice the vision, mission and philosophy of the company.


DO Profile your prospects thoroughly. Xamun Marketing’s Prospect Card can do the trick:


DO Organize prospects into buckets of marketing activities: email, call, and meet. You can do just that in Xamun Marketing’s Prospect Board:

DO Write down what transpired in each communication effort with a prospect so you know where you stand with each prospect:


DON’T Forget to share a qualified lead with your sales team, so they can immediately start their selling activities. With Xamun Marketing, you can do that in two clicks:


DO Earmark the right people and the right products so you can properly estimate the size of a potential project. With Xamun Sales’ Deal Card, that’s a piece of cake.


DO Organize deals into the various stages of your sales process. With Xamun Sales, all you need to do is drag-and-drop a deal card into a lane to update its status:


DON’T Forget to pass on a won deal to both your project team and account management team. Xamun Sales makes this activity so easy,  you can do it in your sleep.


DO track the status of your invoices by categorizing them as paid, closed, or cancelled. You can now put an end to the age-old problem of missing invoices. With Xamun Invoice, this is pretty simple.


DO Be transparent in your business. The first step in gaining your customer’s loyalty is by gaining their trust.


DON’T Manage your deals sloppily. Gather all the necessary information and share this with your clients, so everything is crystal clear:


DO Deliver consistent customer experiences. This doesn’t only apply in business transactions but make sure that the customer experience gets across the entire organization where the client will interact.


DO Personalize your customer’s experience. According to Lior Arussy, the customer database is the backbone of a businesses’ relationship with the customer, and the information stored inside should be shared with every member of the organization, that way regardless of who the customer calls, they receive a consistent, personalized customer experience. In Xamun Invoice, you can also save client contact information and upload documents such as contracts and project notes. This way, you know your clients through and through.


DON’T Neglect customer feedback. Go through it, sit with the team and analyze. Customer feedback is one of the ways to communicate with your customer. Utilize this to gauge their satisfaction, reactions, and suggestions for you to improve your services.

And lastly, DO design the optimum customer experience. Gaining customer loyalty and improving customer experience is not based on tough luck. Know the science behind it; research doesn’t hurt.

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