How to Use Xamun Timesheet

Even if time is highly fluid for providers of creative and professional services (and much more if they have virtual teams), it is still a critical factor to be tracked. The importance of time tracking is even higher if contracts are based on time and material, where you get paid according to billable hours. For this Xamun Tip article, Xamun Timesheet will show you how to track your time and get paid on time in easy steps.

With Xamun Timesheet, you can track your team’s billable and non-billable hours, approve timesheets and immediately generate invoices, and notify your team to submit their timesheets.

You will see the Xamun Timesheet app when you are assigned as the Timesheet Approver in a project (to know more about special user roles inside Xamun, click here). As a Timesheet Approver, you can approve timesheet entries or remind employees of unfilled timesheets via an email notification.

The complete timesheet entries will be used to generate invoices for clients. The earlier this is accomplished, the quicker the payment process will be. Timesheet entries can also help you determine if your employees are spending the right amount of billable and non-billable hours, so you can gauge their productivity.

To learn more about this tip, you can watch our Xamun Video Tutorial on Using Xamun Timesheet

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