How to Use Xamun People Management

Together with the People Board, you can manage resources better with the People Management Board. This can be accessed on the Xamun People Live card, represented by the icon found beside the Quick Add (+) button. To access People Management, you need an HR-Admin access. To know more about this role, click here.

The People Management Board is where you can manage all your employees in one place. It acts like a spreadsheet where cells are editable by clicking on them.

A Quick Search bar can be found on the upper left section of the page. Below that are the Add Person function, and the Auto-Increment Time Off Credits.

Set time off types and assign time off balances for each employee in the time off column. You can add employees and edit their profile information such as Position Level, Department, and Employment Status by simply clicking on each cell. You can also set Billing Rates on the Position Level panel. These rates will be reflected in their billable tasks/To-Dos.

In People Management, you can also assign each person’s direct supervisor (Reports To). The cell in the Reports To column is also editable, showing a drop-down list of all your employees when you click on it. The chosen supervisor will manage Time-off Requests.

The permissions section on the right is where you can assign each person’s Xamun app access and track your subscriptions. This feature is available for Company Administrators.

The elements in the People Management Board can be managed using the People Management Setup, which you can access at the top-right corner of the People Management Board. See below to learn how to navigate through the setup.

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