How To Use Xamun My Day

Organize everything you need to do within a day – project tasks, appointments, and personal to-do’s with Xamun MyDayThis way, you can balance both your work schedule and your personal schedule.

In your My Day, you have your monthly calendar for day-to-day navigation, an Associates Panel where you can assign a task to anyone, and a To-Do list for your personal tasks.

Together with managing your daily activities, you can easily update the hours you rendered for each task through My Timesheet. Your billable hours are automatically sent to the assigned timesheet approver where, once approved, will be used to generate invoices for your clients.

Appointments in Xamun My Day can also be synced to your Windows Live Calendar or Google Calendar.

My Day Dashboard

Tasks created in My Day are called To-Dos. To-Dos are either non-billable or billable/retainer tasks. Billable To-Dos are client-specific, and they appear on the screen as gray cards. Meanwhile, non-billable To-Dos can be office-related or personal tasks and they appear on the screen as blue cards. Drag and drop your To-Dos to a set time and date that’s workable for you.

Appointments in My Day are called Schedules and appear on the screen as white cards. By clicking on the calendar symbol on the upper-right corner of My Day, you can add a Schedule and set details. You can also drag-and-drop associates into a Schedule if they should participate in that particular activity.

Project & Ticket Task Card

All project and ticket tasks assigned to you on a particular day will also show in My Day, which appear on the screen as green and yellow cards, respectively. You can directly edit task details by clicking on the task name, just like in Xamun Project and Xamun Helpdesk. You can also co-assign tasks to a teammate by dragging their photo from the Associates panel into a task card.

My Timesheet

Filling out your timesheet is also done on My Day. Simply click on My Timesheet at the lower-right corner of the screen. Your timesheet entries will be sent to the timesheet approver of your projects. Once approved, the entries will also be used to automatically generate invoices to your clients.

Email Notification

In MyDay, you can also enable and disable e-mail notifications when you assign a task or when someone assigns a task to you. Changing the status or schedule of a task will also send notifications to your e-mail.

Pin your cards

If you want details of a certain task or appointment shown permanently on your My Day screen, all you have to do is pin the card by clicking on the pin icon at the upper-right corner of the card. While a card is pinned on the screen, you can also directly change details of the card. When you’re done with the card, all you have to do is unpin it by clicking on the pin icon.



Xamun My Day is one of the six online apps in Xamun Productivity for Business accounts. For $12/month per user, get everything you need to manage projects, people, and clients.

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