How to Use the Ticket Board

The newly implemented tab on your Project Sidebar is called the Ticket Board. The Ticket Board is where you create tickets or tasks that are related to customer support or product/service enhancement. You will also land on the Ticket Board when you access it via the Helpdesk app. Xamun integrated the Ticket Board inside Xamun Project so it will be accessible in just one click. Noted on the left side of the Ticket Board tab is the number of tickets that you need to attend to.

Your Ticket Board looks like your typical Xamun Board. It also has customizable swim lanes where you can monitor your ticket progress.

Creating a ticket is easy too. Use the provided form, fill out the details, and click OK. After that, it will appear on the New lane then you can assign it to your team members by dragging and dropping their photo on the ticket card.

Assigning a task to someone will enable the ticket card to appear on that person’s Task Board in Xamun Project. It will be converted into a task but it will carry a special Ticket icon so your team member knows which to prioritize first.

To learn more about the Tip, you can watch our Xamun Video Tutorial on Using the Ticket Board.

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