Get Inspired By Copying The Best

Great ideas are often inspired, be it from nature, existing tools, and other great ideas. Think about it: if the apple hadn’t fall from the tree, Isaac Newton wouldn’t have thought about that universal force that pulls everything to the Earth’s surface we all now know as gravity. A new concept will always attribute itself to an older concept. We get ideas from other ideas, and we really can’t do without inspiration.

In the workplace, inspiration is one of the driving forces behind creativity.  Sometimes, though, expressing an idea, no matter how great, can be difficult.  It’s hard to tell others exactly what you want, so you have to give them something they can base their work on.

That’s where the “peg” comes in.

“Peg” is ad-speak for “inspiration” or “basis.”  It’s what you show your team to give them an idea for the kind of look or feel you’d like for a certain product.  For every project, it’s important to give your team a peg so they can see a more concrete concept of what you want, and work within reasonable limitations.

Here’s an example:  you want a neat, magazine-type website where you can introduce your company, boast of your previous achievements, show your products and services, while connecting with your clients.  You can explain all these to your team, but for additional inspiration, you can give a peg, such as they can follow.

Pegs can definitely make you and your team’s life easier. With good reference, you can:

– create clearer communication lines between you and your team.

– whip up better ideas, products, and executions by revolutionizing previously effective concepts

– save time by doing away with back-and-forth paper and email work due to revisions.

Now, you might ask yourself: “I’m getting all these really neat ideas from other people and using them as pegs — does that mean that I’m plagiarizing them?”  Don’t worry, you’re not.  Getting inspiration from great pegs isn’t idea stealing — as long as you don’t copy it pixel by pixel.  Many great writers, artists, and photographers all have their own sources of inspiration.  What they did was to take an old idea and transform it into something wholly new and relevant, and call it their own.

So the next time you brief your team about a new assignment, give them something to work with.  Inspire them with an old concept, let them build on it, and watch them create something bigger and better.

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