Freelancing for Introverts

If you’re looking to build a freelance team, it’s important to find people who are not just highly skilled, but also driven and dependable. Many freelancers are already qualified to offer their expertise for the excellence you aim for. This means they don’t have to undergo much training. Another bonus is they also require minimal supervision.  If you’re hesitant to hire people who prefer working alone, don’t be. Introverts are great freelancers!

Why Introverts?

Introverts are not simply just shy people. They are those who perform better when working alone than being in a room full of people. What makes them special is that they’re more attuned with their inner self – they can focus on the things they can accomplish with their skills and capabilities. This doesn’t mean, though, that they dislike socializing. Many introverts have great social skills, but a day of mingling drains their energy, and they will need to recharge with some “me time.” This allows them to be introspective, to have time and space to think, and brew their creative juices to bring to work.

This is what makes an introvert great in freelancing. They maximize their abilities on projects that fit their interests, and they can work efficiently in the comforts of their own home because of their independent personality.

How Can Introverts Step Up?

If you’re an introvert, here are some tips to help you step up and step out:

1. Go to meet-ups

It’s true the online world seems more convenient for finding jobs, but you still have to put yourself out in the real world and interact with real people. You don’t have to mingle with everyone and be close to them, just look for a few people who match your interests and freelancing experience. Go to meet-ups at least monthly. Take a friend with you if it’ll make you more comfortable.

2. Tweet

Use Twitter not just to update people of your daily routines, but also to meet new people. Who knows, there might be other freelancers out there. You can use filtered searches such as typing your location, or keywords like “freelance” and “basecamp” that will lead you to people within your area, and maybe more freelance jobs.

3. Ask Around

You’ll never know the connections your friends and family have if you don’t ask. They might know someone who is currently on freelancing or is looking for a freelancer, and that can be your ticket to a great freelance career.

4. Speak Up

Make your presence known by sharing what you know in local events and meet-ups. You don’t have to give a long speech, just asking a few questions is enough. Speaking up is a good way to let people know that you’re interested to participate in the discussion, and you’re motivated to learn more.

5. Post Comments

Many websites are hungry for great content. Share what you know through guest posting and let them have a taste of your skills. It’s also a nifty way to meet other people through a stimulating discussion through the comments. You can also do some research about the commenters and look for ways to keep the conversation going.

6. Join a Forum

Many freelancers have their own forums where they can share jobs, feedback, and experiences. Join, be active, and interact in a forum.

Introverts are Great Freelancers

You can get the best results from your team if you welcome introverts in the mix. Just remember that not everyone interacts in the same way, so great communication is key. Make sure to set proper expectations among your people, and ask for their expectations as well. This will help build a healthy and efficient relationship among your freelance team, and drive you all to success.

Have you hired an introvert lately?

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