Converting Subtasks into Task Cards

Xamun Project is mainly made up of task cards that swim across lanes on the task board. In these task cards, you can write subtasks to break down major tasks. Sometimes, these subtasks are still quite complex and heavy. What you can do in Xamun Project is to convert these subtasks into task cards.

On the task card, you can see the subtask list which is found below the Task Description. If it’s missing, it’s most likely hidden. To show your subtask list, go to Other Options panel found on the right side of the task card and click on Subtask. To hide your subtask list, all you have to do is click on it again. (Note: if you hide/show the subtask list on one task card, it will apply to all your other task cards.)

After converting, your new task cards will look like this:


Your subtasks are now task cards of their own. Converted subtasks will appear as yellow task cards. When you click on a converted subtask, you can set various details like in a regular task card. The green tab above these converted task cards is the parent task.


To learn more, you can watch our Xamun Video Tutorial on Converting Subtasks to Task Cards.


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