Collaboration Tools inside Xamun

Collaboration has been and still is a hot topic among businesses. Leigh Jasper of Computer World wrote that growth in online collaboration technology will continue in 2013, shifting from on-premise software to Software-as-a-Service. Xamun acknowledges the importance of collaboration in making things happen, that’s why we’ve designed Xamun apps to cater to interactions, whether your team works in the same room or not.

Collaboration tools inside Xamun include communicating via discussion threads and exchanging files and links to make your team, department, or your entire organization smarter and more competitive than ever.

Xamun’s collaborative features are spread through-out the system, keeping team members in the loop, no matter which app they are accessing. The following is a run-through of how collaboration is enabled in Xamun.


Discussion Thread in Xamun Project’s Task Card



Why talk about so many tasks in each email when you can discuss inside each task card? This feature helps you keep all conversations about each task to be found on the task itself, so you won’t have to hit search in your inbox all the time.


Project Discussion Groups in Community

In Xamun Community, your project team will have its own discussion group as soon as you create a project. You will also have an automatically-generated company-wide discussion group and a department-wide discussion group, all of which go under My Groups. If you want to collaborate with a customized group, you can create an External Group in the community.




Discussion Thread in Deal Card

Like Project Card, you also post discussion threads on the Xamun Sales app via Deal Cards.

Discussion in Prospect Card

Collaborate with your Marketing Team via Prospect Cards in Xamun Marketing app.

Time Off Manager

Be able to chat and note important reminders with your team on the Time off Manager. What makes this feature unique is that you can now note reminders and clarify details for your team who are about to take their leaves. This also shortens time spent on going to-and-fro departments for confirmation, making it easier for you to know the status of your leave.

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