Beyond Usability: The New Xamun UI/UX Design

Introducing the new Xamun UI/UX designed to make your Xamun experience much easier and efficient.


The Side Panel in the project board (also available in other pages) allows you to access different most-used apps easily.


You will find the following apps once you click to collapse the side panel:

  1. Discussion
  2. Task List
  3. Out of Office (Time-Offs/Remote Work)
  4. Contacts
  5. Sign-Ins



As with the previous design of Discussion, you can post something (and attach a file or link to it). You can comment on each post, and even like a post. The discussion is automatically filtered depending on which page you are in. For example, if you’re in a particular project board, the discussion by default is the discussion for that project. You can filter discussions by:

  1. All Discussions
  2. Recent Discussions
  3. Unread Discussions
  4. Selected People
  5. Timesheet Discussion
  6. Project Portfolio Discussion
  7. Sales Group



Here are things you can do within the task list:

  1. Filter between My Tasks and Tasks assigned to others.
  2. Filter to see all tasks, general tasks, project tasks, done tasks, overdue tasks or tasks due in 7 days.
  3. Search – do a quick search by entering a keyword
  4. Enter a General Task – quickly enter general tasks within the box and hit enter
  5. Show Done – filter completed tasks by ticking on the checkbox. Note that you can mark tasks as done by ticking on the checkbox on the left-hand side of each task.



Previously labeled as “Time Offs”, The Out-of-Office applet allows you to view and apply time off or remote work requests. Depending on whether you have been marked as someone’s supervisor, you will also be able to approve/reject time off requests from others.



You can add new contacts in 2 ways: (1) By manually adding contacts or (2) Importing contacts via Google, LinkedIn or Facebook. You can also (3) filter contacts and (4) do bulk actions (i.e. delete, share, release sharing and customize sharing of contacts)



Lets you see who’s online and enables you to chat with your teammates. It allows you to post status updates for others to see what you’re up to.

  1. Turn On/Off your chat
  2. Post Status
  3. Send chat your colleague


Enhancing user experience to provide usability beyond aesthetics is what we at Xamun aim to deliver. Got feedback? Post your ideas at 


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