How To Use Xamun Invoice

How To Create Invoices: Creating online invoices is now easier and faster with Xamun Invoice. Track the status of your invoices by categorizing them as paid, closed, or cancelled. You can now put an end to the age-old problem of missing invoices. In Xamun Invoice you can also save client contact information and upload documents […]

How to Use Xamun Sales

Xamun Sales is an online sales management app that closely monitors all your project deals. This way, you can efficiently manage your upcoming projects and enable your sales team to drive your company’s growth. The Deal Board is just like your usual Task Board. It has an associates panel found at the left corner of […]

How To Use Xamun Marketing

2013 brings the newest app addition to Xamun’s business apps. Xamun Marketing helps in profiling prospects, monitor progress of new leads, and convert each prospect to a qualified lead and in turn, aid the sales team through the information gathered. Xamun Marketing exclusively available for Xamun Ultimate Account users. Try it out for free for […]

How To Use Xamun My Day

Organize everything you need to do within a day – project tasks, appointments, and personal to-do’s with Xamun MyDay. This way, you can balance both your work schedule and your personal schedule. In your My Day, you have your monthly calendar for day-to-day navigation, an Associates Panel where you can assign a task to anyone, and […]

Special User Roles Inside Xamun

The promise of Xamun to help you run your entire business online came with the creation of user roles to fit the various hats your employees wear inside your organization. These roles can be assigned during company setup and can always be edited afterwards. The idea is to keep the user roles dynamic and integrated […]

How to Use the Ticket Board

The newly implemented tab on your Project Sidebar is called the Ticket Board. The Ticket Board is where you create tickets or tasks that are related to customer support or product/service enhancement. You will also land on the Ticket Board when you access it via the Helpdesk app. Xamun integrated the Ticket Board inside Xamun […]