Anatomy of a Live Card


For our first round of Xamun Tips we give you an overview of the very first thing you see on your screen when you log in on Xamun: the Live Cards. These cards are your entry point to each app, and they have four clickable sections that you can explore.


Alert Banner – This section shows updates on each app, such as new projects, or new employees.

Record Counter – This reflects the number of records in each app – may it be a project, employee, client, things to do for the day, ticket assignees, projects in the pipeline, and timesheets to approve.

Quick Add Button – The Quick Add Button allows you to create a new record. In Xamun People, a special button takes you to the People Management Board.

Reports and Analytics – Shows status reports for each app. When you click on the record counter, a record list appears. Browse through the list to access a particular record you wish to work on.

In Xamun Project, the three board types are color-coded: red for Task Board, blue for Scrum Board, and yellow for Kanban Board.

Meanwhile, in Xamun Helpdesk, ticket assignees are also color coded: blue for project-related tickets,  red for Created Tickets, purple for My Tickets and pink for department tickets.

Go ahead and explore the different apps available on Xamun by clicking on the Live Cards today.

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