Adding Employees in Xamun

Building your own virtual team is easy once you start adding people on Xamun. There are three ways of adding employees to Xamun, just follow these easy steps and you’ll have the entire team on Xamun in no time.

Section: Company Set-Up


By clicking on the gear icon on the upper-right corner of the Productivity Dashboard, a drop menu appears. Click on the Company Set-Up.

You can start adding your employees and/or consultants by clicking on the Quick Add button on the Employee and Associates Panel.


Fill in the blank fields and click Add. An invitation will be automatically sent to the recipient, where he/she is given a temporary password. When the employee accepts the invitation, he/she can start using Xamun right away.

Section: Productivity View


From the Productivity View, you can add new employees by clicking on the Quick Add button on the People Live Card.

Section: Project Board


In the Project Board, you can add new employees and automatically include them in a project team by clicking on the Quick Add button in the Employee Panel.

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