A Preview Of Things To Come: Xamun Community Dashboard

In Q3 2013, we’re unveiling an awesome new feature: an ultimate dashboard that will give a bird’s-eye view of your business. Kind of like the dashboard you’d see in Iron Man’s suit or laboratory, but not holographic and definitely not as complex.


The Community Dashboard is divided into three main sections: the Top Bar (yellow), the Center Pane (green), and the Side Panes (purple):


The Center Pane is a feed of all posts from your Xamun Groups. This is also where you can create a post. You can filter the posts by group, found on the top-right corner of the pane.


The Top Bar has a couple of icons that are also found in the App Dashboard:



The Side Pane shows all the apps you can access, along with Xamun Groups and My Contacts. The one below shows the Sales pane, however, the buttons apply to all other apps’ panes.


For Company Admins, a special pane is visible called the Admin Pane:


We will launch the Community Dashboard very soon, so watch out for the big announcement!

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